I am sorry for not posting any reports the last month or so, but I have been busy duck hunting and getting ready for the baby. Since I have been out fishing the last seven days I thought I would put up a quick report to help y'all coming out to the Lake.

The water temps are anywhere from 56 to 60 degrees depending on the day and where you are. Fishing has been ok, I have been having 10 to 15 fish a day. Some days more, some less. I am fishing a C-Rig with a 1 oz weight, 6' leader, #3 rigging hook with a Zoom Fluke in (California 420.) I am also fishing the Alabama-Rig with a 4'' Storm Swim Bait (shad colors) and I am fishing these baits in 20 - 24 foot on main lake points and humps.

If that is not working I have been going up shallow in a few creeks where I was catching them in the fall. I am fishing a 1/4 oz (craw fish color) trap or a chatter-bait 1/4 oz to a 1/2 oz ( white) and the trailers I am using are 3 1/2'' Buddy's Custom swim bait (pearl white.) This bait will work on the Alabama-Rigs out deep as well.

That's about all I have been doing and I hope this will help anyone that is planning to come out and fish Lake Fork. If ya'll are looking to get out in February, March, or April, I am staring to get a lot of calls for these months so get your trips booked early. And for those of you who booked a trip last spring please give me a call or text to confirm I have you down.

That's about it everybody have a Merry Christmas and safe holiday!
Thanks, Eric Wright