So, I've been hanging on to this footage on my computer for a few months now waiting for a good time to bust it out. I finally just decided yesterday that I might as well just go ahead and put it together instead of waiting around. Throwing a frog is one of my hands-down favorite ways to fish, and it is a technique that I rely on heavily from March through October in tournaments to put a good bite or two in the boat (sometimes the whole limit!). If you're looking for some tips on how to improve your frog fishing skills, hopefully this video helps. And yes, you can even go out and try it now after watching the video. It may be December, but it's Texas, and I was catching a few frog fish just last week. It can be done! If you want to just see some awesome frog-fish slaying action, skip ahead past all the jibber-jabber to the 10 minute mark.

On another note, I have some Christmas specials / discounts going for guide trips through the month of December, if anyone is interested. Check 'em out on my website (link in my signature bar). It has been a mild winter so far, and the fish don't seem to realize it's winter yet. They've been awfully chewy at several of our Austin area lakes lately, so jump on it while ya can!