The Lake Fork Anglers 22nd and last tournament of 2015 is Thursday Dec 17th out of Oak Ridge Marina.

Registration starts at 6:00 AM at Oak Ridge. The tournament starts at 7:00 AM and runs until 3:00 PM. You have until 3:30 PM to bring your score sheets to be scored with payout and "the rest of the story" to follow.

Anglers may go out of any ramp they want too.

Results from Dec 3rd:

What a great day for December. Hardly any wind and the sun was quite warm. Ddin't help the fishing much because as usual they were pulling water which turns the fish off big time. However there are always some that will find them. Drop shot dominated once again, probably because our best c-rig guy broke down after 2 hours. 19 members fishing caught 48 keepers but it really was a dink fest. Only the top five keepers count.

1st place went to Bill Ailes with 7 fish for 6.76 and the 2.55 lunker.
2nd place went to Curt Blount with 5 fish for 5.47 with a 1.47 lunker.
3rd place went to Jim Morgan with 7 fish for 4.94 with a 1.35 lunker.

Boat seat drawings are held after the 2nd tournament each month for the following month. We changed the guidelines somewhat at this meeting to cap the club at 40 members with a waiting list and to start a women's division. We also created separate categories for Boaters and co-anglers starting in 2016 each fishing for separate Angler of the year Awards. The top three in each will earn those awards.

The LFA fishes every other Thursday daytime at Lake Fork only. Persons interested in joining or fishing as a guest should PM me or e-mail me at

Here is your opportunity to fish with friendly knowledgeable Lake Fork anglers for the cost of a $5 annual dues and a $12 entry fee. Slot fish count. No teams.

Sometimes Fork is a big question mark. But even though we don't always slay them a few will figure it out and win the money. And then tell everyone attending the "weighin" how, what, and where. What you need to know to duplicate that feat.
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