The 2016 South Region B.A.S.S. Nation trail will kick off on January 24th on Falcon Lake. The schedule is: 1/24 Falcon, 2/21 Amistad, 3/20 Coleto Creek, 4/24 Falcon, 5/22 Amistad, [b]6/12 Canyon[/b]. Entry is $75. per tournament and all participants must be paid members of B.A.S.S. and belong to a B.A.S.S. affiliated club and have both state and national dues paid prior to tournament. Example: Coleto Bassmasters club dues $20., State dues $25., National dues $30. for a total of $75.00 Go to for more information. Should be a good turn out this year under the direction of the regional director Larry Nors!
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Coleto Bassmasters
South region B.A.S.S. Nation