Actually, it's not a new ramp, it's the old Big Chief Landing ramp. According to today's The Monitor newspaper, Gun Barrel City's Economic Development Corporation has decided to purchase the property. The first order of business will be to demolish all existing structures on the property, including the dock. As soon as that is completed, the city will open the ramp as a free public ramp.

The long term plan is to build a waterfront civic center on the property. Meanwhile, we'll have a new public ramp to use. The Big Chief ramp still works with the lake much lower than the one in nearby Tom Finley Park. The only problem is that when the lake is low, the concrete retaining walls at Big Chief get too tall to climb, and so there's no place to beach a boat other than the ramp itself. I'm going to suggest to the city council that they add a small courtesy ramp, with a ladder for low water conditions, for boaters.

The paper didn't give a time table for how soon things will happen, so we'll see.
Bud Baker
Gun Barrel City, Tx