For those unaware, in some of the northern states it's illegal to hunt and fish because of a strong left wing. Here in Houston we have a strong left wing too but I think it's mostly southern left wingers who love to fish from time to time and occasionally hunt. Personally I've never been hunting unless you count shooting mourning doves with a slingshot with my boys when we were 7th graders. Felt good to vote, especially for something I believe in even though I didn't have to because that was pretty much a gimme in the state of Texas lol. As far as calling it a RIGHT to fish and hunt, idk because that means you can take it for granted and abuse it. Also if it were a right then the fish would bite our lines every time we wet our lines haha. But they don't have to. I believe it's a tradition, a hobby, a game, a pastime. Like chess or painting. And like these it must be passed down and protected to keep in existence. I like that the government of Texas is cultured enough to pass a law to protect this and can see why it's called a right. the word "right" sounds more solid on paper and indestructible. But maybe I'm overthinking it, whatever it is as long as I get to keep my rod and reel I'm happy. Anything else and I might have to display some civil disobedience hahaha

On a side note I voted yes on proposition 1. The law that allowed transgender men to use women's bathrooms and visa versa. I think the problem with why so many of the church members of Houston made campaigns to make it not pass is the wording. We're quick to protect our women and children and it's the way it should be. But if the opposing party worded it like transgender women could use men's bathrooms I think the response would be different. We don't see women in a men's restroom as a threat like men in a women's restroom. Some people see it wrong either way, buuuuuut some people just say that and the sound of women in a guy's restroom wouldn't hit them that hard. I also think the problem is the media displaying them as sexual weirdos, while I agree that their weirdos like I think bronies and furrys are I don't think most are like that and you could just as easily find a regular looking person to be a sex offender psyco. But in the very end its just a bathroom. I've seen women go into men's bathrooms because the women's bathroom was overcrowded and the same the other way around. Though sometimes the men were shunned and labeled perverts because of the stigma that men think with their penises. But again in the end it's just a restroom, you go in, do your business , you dip. But I don't have a wife or children so I can understand someone going against it for the fear of safety. But I just wanted to hear the views of my fellow fishermen

Am I a liberal? No. Am I conservative? No. But I try to get the best from both sides