The TM mount that was supplied by Seaark worked ok, but it was a generic one size fits all mount. It was around 20" long and aside from not needing a mount that big for a riptide TM, it just ate up a lot of front deck space and created clutter and somewhat of a trip hazard.
I took it to my alum fab guy, told him what I wanted and he modified the original base to this. The access cover in the back is so I can get my hand in with the nuts for through-bolting. The front fits over the gunwale and thru-bolts to the rail. Seaark was so kind as to provide me with a can of matching spray paint, so any mods that I do will look good.
I'm waiting for a cradle to arrive for the I-pilot remote so I can make a mount for it to ride on the front fish finder mount and I'll post aphoto of everything when it gets finished.
Hopefully. someone can make use of some of my ideas.

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