Sand bass and Hybrids will probably be a little slow for a week or two with all the new water from the flood. The Sand bass were actually starting to show up on their normal spots before the flood but that’s the way nature goes it will always throw you a curveball. I still like chrome or chartreuse slabs to jig for these fish and they maybe holding in depths anywhere from 30ft.
As for as the Catfish goes, we have a little better chance of catching better fish but that's going to be different too. With all the fresh water coming into the lake full of nutrients and natural foods our fish have more than enough food to choose from without even looking at what we are offering. With these conditions I really like to go as far as I can get back into coves big or small where a creek is running into the lake and just fish around with preferably fresh caught shad and usually do pretty good on the better catfish.

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