I bought a 2015 Z520C in August of this year. After owning the boat for about a month with no issues, a nightmare happened as I was backing it into the garage. I noticed smoke rolling out of the boat, I jump out and immediately began troubleshooting. I see some wires smoldering in the back of the boat and melted wires under the dash. I start pulling wires and notice the wires go to the T&H marine LED wires that were installed by T&H marine themselves.
To make a long story short, the boat is shot at this point. I immediately call Ranger and inform them and ask what my options are. Against my will, I take the boat to a local Ranger Dealer where it sat for nearly three weeks. I'll keep the bashing out of the post, but after being lectured on why my boat wasn't all that important because i didn't buy it there, (and defiantly never will now) i was told it needed to go back to the factory. GREAT, thats where i wanted it to begin with! After being told it would be months before a truck could take it for me, I take it upon myself to drive it to the factory.
It arrives at the factory and within 5-6 days I start getting some communication on the condition and updates. A few days pass and I am told the verdict is a ground short which will not trip the breakers. Ranger advises me to contact T&H Marine and my insurance. I had already contacted Bob and kind of gave him a heads up on the situation, Bob advised me from day one..someone will cover it and he will make sure it happens. It was such a relief talking to someone who was on my side during this situation. After contacting T&H Marine, they basically told me to go pound sand..they did wire the boat but they weren't back their work. LOL.. OK, i'll go eat chit. I immediately call Bob and this is where Bob goes to work. I file a claim, within a few hours, i have agents calling me from near the factory telling me they are going to take pictures. After all is said and done, Ranger goes silent, zero communication, a shotty estimate(forgot to include labor) and no time frame….Bob goes to work again. A couple of phone calls to his boat people and some responses start happening. I get a time frame on the boat, estimate complete from Ranger.
It was such a shame i had to deal with a few chitty companies during this situation, but it was nice to have a guy, my agent, (now my friend) of all people to go to bat for me, to get the ball rolling. I get businesses are busy, backed up and I'm not the only person with boat issues..but effort is free. Communication is free. They both go along way. It was a blessing to explain something such as a boat electrical problems to a person and have them understand…try to do that with your mom and pop agent.
I want to Thanks Bob Luellen and WorldWide Marine for their professionlism and their loyalty to their customer. Quotes are free guys, give Bob a chance. I've never had a claim in my life and hope to never have another, I am just thankful I had the wonderful backing that I did when I needed it.