The Commorants are back for the Winter and the Catfish are stacked up like cordwood in the timbered areas on Richland Chambers. Mostly Eaters at this time but as the water cools we'll start to pick up the really big Blues in with the better Channels. Danny Kings Blood Punch Bait on a # 4 treble hook is all you need for a fish fry! Fished Monday thru Thursday and our Customers had me clean over 500 fish with only a few Sandies mixed in with over 450 Catfish. If you'd like to learn the Lake, catch a box full of fish and enjoy a Fall day on the "Best Kept Secret in Texas", give us a call @ 903-389-4117. Check out our "Cabin and Fishing Trip Package" @ . fish

Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service