Is there a way to shim the crosswind shaft on these old Penns (the shaft that the spool rides on). I changed out one with a replacement part from ebay and now it barely doesn't go down far enough. So now when the line feeds on the spool it kind has this cone shape look to it. I see shims between the handle and the big gear but I'm not sure how they would affect the shaft.

My dad and I made the mistake of thinking the original piece was damaged because it would catch on something while we were reeling it after I set the hook on a big turtle with braided line. Turned out it was just the drag clickers on the lower part of the spool that just got mangled and were catching. So we ended up changing out the crosswind shaft and the original piece was my dad trying to space it so the spool wouldn't hit, but when he did that the line wouldn't go on the spool right.

Thanks for any info