Just like two weeks ago . . a really slow morning and no bites off the island. The island had been my "go to" spot to kick things off over the summer. So, I wandered out north of the island sort of thinking I'd hit a few points over on the bank on that side, but I tossed a drop shot in deep water on my way over and caught two bass. Nothing big all day with a total of 7 fish. The largest would likely be just shy of 2 lbs.

Nothing at the dam, either.

Where I finally caught my numbers was heading back to the ramp down the east side of the lake. Bass were setting outside the vegetation and a bit deeper. I caught 5 there, missed a few that I saw but they wiggled off my line.

A very slow day with two other kayakers fishing, one recreational kayaker, two people in a float tube fishing, and one boat showed up in the afternoon.

I'm going to try something else next week close to home. Maybe Benbrook or Lake Arlington just to change things up a bit.