Introducing the Future today....Semi-Nekid Crappie Jig Heads that Fish can see in LOW Light situations - Glowing with UV BLAST!

I will have a line of new Bass Jig heads, all will be available for purchase with or without UV Blast.

View Semi-Nekid Painted Jig Heads With UV Blast!

What is UV Blast?

UV BLAST! is a clear overcoat that is applied to all Semi-Nekid colored Crappie Jigs. UV Blast reflects critical UV light. Your lure will flash even in dark, murky water where UV light, but not visible light, penetrates. Research continues to show that fish see and are attracted to UV light. And with UV BLAST! you get the strongest UV enhancer available today. So why let your lures get lost in the dark?

Fire them up with UV BLAST!
Sold in Packages of 10, prices starting at $3.25 per Package. See The Pictures Below!

The first picture is natural light, the second Picture is with UV light...glowing in the DARK!!

Please Note the Yellow Chartreuse and Green Chartreuse pictures look the same since they are Neon and the color is so close.

Bedazzled Blue


Neon Pink

Bright Orange

Coming Soon Nekid Tackle Fluid Bed and Amazing Cups....see video Demo Now!

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