Made my first "post flood" trip to LMF this last weekend. I went up on Friday expecting to tent camp in the park.....Wrong! Park was full by 5pm and I got the last available primitive spot at Stephens Gap after driving thru every campground in the Park.

I primarily fished EH and surprisingly not as many people as I would've thought. I managed to actually catch (take the hook out of) 2 really nice 15-16 inch fish and one about 12" on Saturday. I hooked about 5 more and didn't actually land them but had them on top of the water. I did have one that I didn't see, snap my 6x tippet dropper but, I could have had a weak spot or wind knot too. I caught my fish on my tying attempt of Carey's Near Deere. I dropped different patterns off the near deere. The 2 larger fish hit the near deere and most of the fish I didn't actually catch either hit a small prince nymph or a black, gold ribbed, hares ear as a dropper. The water had more current than before the flood and it took the near deere to get the fly down deep enough to start catching fish. I fished a BWO and different emergers above the nymph, pheasant tail, zebra midge and different colors of the hares ear with only one strike. Then I switched to the near deere for the weight.

There were even less people in the water on Sunday morning I had about 3 strikes but never actually landed a fish in the 4 hours I fished. I saw one of the guides with his customer catching a few fish out of the area just below where fhng84 was filming on Saturday.

I'll give it 2 or 3 weeks and head back up for another round.....

Please remember the economy in the area up there was very adversely affected by the flood so please wait until you get there to spend your money for supplies. We all need the local businesses there to recover and survive!