Took Mr. Sandvall and his fishing partner out yesterday morning in preparation for a club tournament... They seemed like two skilled anglers, coming down from Arlington, just looking to get an edge for tournament day. We started out fishing top waters until approx. 8 am and had a couple short strikes, meanwhile boating a few. It appeared that the bold presence of the buzz bait was a little much in comparison to the successful performance of the zara spook, in a subtle walking retrieve. Later, we pulled up on a row of trees in 3-5 ft of water near a gravel bar and several secondary points. We began to see an upgrade in quality throwing Carolina rigged speed craws, with chartreuse-dipped appendages. I would normally suggest standard green pumpkin, but I believe the chartreuse cast a more visible profile in the slight stain of water in that particular location. Throughout the day, a number of fish were caught on crank baits closer to the main lake and open to the little wind action that we had for the late morning. Also, I was successful on a weightless senko, pitching to small bluff like areas intermixed with timber. I would note that this particular location was loaded with shad on the graph. At the very end of our trip, I suggested we tie on 1/8 oz shakey heads, in a green pumpkin finesse worm, as the sun took precedence and cloud cover dissipated. This critical switch in presentation reinitiated the catching of keepers that Mr. Sandvall needed for tournament day.