It's been a while for me, I've been out of town visiting family. However, I went out today to prefish for a guide trip on Friday. My fish moved more than I had expected. Whereas I had been fishing the first third of the creek out toward the main lake, I followed the bait in just a bit further to the first main bend in the creek. Productive water was in the 4 ft range. Water temp was approx 79 at around 10:30 am. I started out throwing a crankbait and when the wind quit I picked up a pumpkin chartreuse lizard on a light carolina rig and began to catch fish. Also, I experimented with flukes and noticed that for the water clarity I was in, pure white was just too bold, so I moved to a slightly more neutral color pattern. I did get bit swimming a worm, with a small sinker near the botttom, later in the afternoon. With the wind dying today, I definitely focused on keeping the bait in the strike window for as long as I could.

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