Went to one of our favorite lakes ever this weekend, Hubbard Creek. We haven't been there for a couple of years because of the drought but when we used to go we averaged 20-25 fish a day and almost all were quality fish. The Lake used to be covered in grass. We figured even though it was still low it had come up 10-15 feet so there would be alot of new cover. We were right about the new cover however we did not find one patch of aquatic grass. Most of the areas we used to fish are still out of the water and we caught 1 fish all day. Just seems so strange that they wouldn't be up in that flooded vegetation. I pray that we have a rainy fall like they are predicting and that lake comes up again because it looks nothing like it did 3 years ago. Now we did think it is possible that it was turning over so anybody been out there that has had different luck?