The White Bass are starting to show up on the Main Lake Points, Roadbeds and Drop Offs in 15' to 25' FOW. If you find a school, you can catch them on 1 oz. RSR Slabs ( ), a teaser Crappie Jig, or Dennis' Mepps Spinners Baits. The fish will often be suspended and really moving fast. Lots of very small fish and then a school of Magnums comes thru! No schooling action or birds at this time, but hopefully the coming Cool Fronts will increase the action and move them to the Flats where we normally find larger and more aggressive fish. The pics below are from the last two weeks and most recently on Monday morning. Not much to report on the Hybrids except small ones at this time. Adam and I have October Weekday openings if anyone wants to put some fish in the freezer! fish

Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service