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#11131837 - 09/27/15 09:53 PM Northlake College
Hotrodjrd Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 4548
Loc: Irving, TX
This has been my go-to place for over a year now. I've caught numerous in the 4lb range and during this spawn I caught one just under 6lbs from here. Over the course of the last 4-5 months it has been very slim pickings with just some dinks. This time last year I rarely if ever saw anyone else fishing out there, which has picked up drastically as today there were a total of 7 people fishing the walkway!! I'm not sure if the biggins are harder to catch due to fishing pressure or if people aren't throwing back what they catch!! Either way, I now see why guys don't want to disclose a good fishing hole. What was once an outstanding place to fish with some darn good size bass has become a dink fest since everyone and their dog fishes it. I saw a guy a few weeks ago walking to his truck with a stringer of bass, I mean who does that??? I don't know how the people found out about the place but will be first and last time I post a good fishing place anywhere online!

This is what was caught today...4 all this size:

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#11131849 - 09/27/15 09:58 PM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
ftabangler13 Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 03/22/11
Posts: 707
There are some very selfish people out there who can't think past their noses.
Gig Em Ags!
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#11131864 - 09/27/15 10:08 PM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
McKinneyLonghorn Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 05/31/13
Posts: 839
Loc: McKinney
My guess is that most of the sizable bass ended up in the frying pan. Sucks to lose your fishing spot that way, but hopefully you can find a new one soon.

#11132012 - 09/28/15 05:52 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
banker-always fishing Online   content
TFF Guru

Registered: 07/12/10
Posts: 43809
Loc: Universal City Tx.
I fish a lot of area where I live. A lot of my super spots are in the middle of "No Ware"! Kind of like it that way. coolio

Side Note: Keep finding new spots. That is a very important part of fishing. You would be surprised of the good places to fish that are not far away. Also never be afraid to ask a property owner if you can fish his or hers property. The worst that can happen is they say no. Over the years I have gotten GREAT places to fish and still fish em by simply getting a land owners permission. fish

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#11132135 - 09/28/15 07:46 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
theflyguy3 Offline

Registered: 09/21/14
Posts: 106
Loc: My Honey Hole
Northlake College in Coppell?

#11132323 - 09/28/15 09:23 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
musiclife_7 Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 07/07/14
Posts: 1298
Loc: Wylie, TX
I would venture to guess that you aren't throwing the right baits. There are several places close to me that I can always catch fish in and yet they are pressured like crazy. You have to have the correct presentation.

Take your squarebill for example...I bet it has a rattle in it. The color scheme on that bait is not native to any baitfish we have locally. I would encourage you to get a bluegill colored bait or baby bass colored bait (tons of fingerlings around right now)...also try something that is quiet rather than the rattle.

Shrink your baits, change your line size...keep tinkering til you have success. If you were catching 4lbers a few months ago, they are still just have to find them and find what they want to eat. Don't forget to fish topwater.

#11132345 - 09/28/15 09:37 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
booglerz Offline

Registered: 06/08/15
Posts: 49
Originally Posted By: Hotrodjrd
... Either way, I now see why guys don't want to disclose a good fishing hole...

My question, did you disclose 'your hole' or did people just find it and start fishing it more than previously? I only ask because I hate the 'honey hole' mentality. Sharing good fishing spots with responsible fishermen should be no problem whatsoever. Responsible fishermen practice good catch-and-release and understand how fishing pressure can effect a body of water and react accordingly (or at least I do).

I live in an area with (as far as I can tell, trying as many places as I have so far) very limited (bass [bank]) fishing. The ponds near me have little to no worthwhile fish. So I will come to this forum to attempt to find places to fish and frequently am greeted like I asked for a first born. I fish regularly but still only manage to get out to a pond 2-3 times a week, that would not hurt fishing in the slightest.

I hate that your spot has turned crappy so quickly and do think that non-C&R practices are terrible (for smaller water and non-put-and-take species), it has ruined the pond within walking distance of my house (my 'spot'). But, this forum is (I think) not visited by people who do things such as these, and thus I hope eventually the 'keep it secrete' and 'keep it quite' mentality of fishing holes will start to fade (one can hope). I would love to meet people up at their hole and spend a few hours landing some fish and having fun, or even trying places out and figuring them out for my self.

Right now I can go to any of the places within 10-15 mins of my house and get skunked even if I am doing everything right. This make fishing a bit annoying (no, I don't expect to catch something every time I go out, but catching is much more fun than not). Even a few dinks with the possibility of that lunker is more than enough motivation to get me excited about a body of water. It gives me motivation to try new techniques, learn the water, try things out, instead of knowing there just aren't fish in there anymore. I recently went to Bethany ponds (over an hour drive for me) and I know there are fish there and know if I am doing the right things I can land a few. I caught a handful of dinks and 1 decent fish and I keep asking me self why are the ponds near me like this?

Anyways, I've felt like this for a bit now and this was the perfect time to semi-rant about it. Sorry for your spot, and I hope it turns round / you find a new spot in the very near future.

#11132529 - 09/28/15 11:04 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
Hotrodjrd Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 4548
Loc: Irving, TX
The lures I'm using now are the same lures I've caught them on all along. The crankbait wasn't a rattler and just put it on cause nothing else was working. It's the only thing that caught the 4 dinks. I've posted here numerous times about the success of the place. Not saying these people are on this forum but wasnt until I started giving it as a recommended place to have good fishing that people started showing up in groves. Most of us are respectful and release what we catch, but to see trash on the banks and people keeping fish it really frustrates me. The one lure that has been my "go to" doesn't even get a hit anymore. I've been throwing cranks, rat traps, chatterbaits, swim baits, and weightless flukes. Pretty much everything in the bag and it's just a dink fest. I will say that moss and weeds along the bank has made an entire portion of the lake unfishable cause you can no longer get down to the water.

And it's Norhlake College in Irving.

#11132592 - 09/28/15 11:28 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
Dan90210 ☮ Offline
Nonbinary Gender of the Year 2017

Registered: 11/18/09
Posts: 27653
Loc: Denton County
Thats not a top secret spot.

Lots of guys probably have been fishing it while you were fishing it yall just never happened to be there at the same time.

There are lots of other spots in the area to check out. Go explore and find something new to you.

Because there are no super secret honey holes in DFW dude.
Originally Posted By: junbengreat
Pulled a gun on his dryer and they caught a bunch of fish.

#11132596 - 09/28/15 11:30 AM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
booglerz Offline

Registered: 06/08/15
Posts: 49
I feel ya, I wasn't targeting your post in particular (sorry if it came off like that). I just would rather fishermen pool their knowledge and share the fun than keep honey holes to them selves. I feel a community having fun, fishing, and being respectful is better than 'look at this 6 lber I caught (not telling where)'. Maybe I am just young and naive.

I'd say its also probably a timing thing. Summer break just ended, but during the break I'm sure more than normal kids / parents (who are just trying to entertain their kids) were out and about looking for places to fish. It is possible that you recommending it did increase the population of not-so-respectful fishermen, however.

The pond near me also has so much algee/moss/weed gunk that its near impossible to fish now (~5-8 ft from the shore, I have to clean my fly every cast...).

#11133856 - 09/28/15 08:19 PM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
Daniel Mtanous Offline

Registered: 09/08/15
Posts: 214
Loc: Desoto,Texas
I can tell you that you need to downsize your lures. The fish aren't as active.

If you really want some nice size fish I recommend you buy some minnows.
Use a Tennessee rig, hook the minnow right in front of the tail, and let them swim.
OR cut the head of a minnow and use it on a jig head.

If you want to get the big fish you need to use live bait. You will out fish anyone else that uses the standard stock of lures.

Buy the small version of a black back yellow dot white belly "Hula Popper" at Wal-Mart. Cast it as far as you can, pull 2 times lightly, pause, pull 3 times rapidly so you "rip" the slack. This will make the popper pop but barely move. Work is as slow as possible. Thank me later.

#11156365 - 10/10/15 06:08 PM Re: Northlake College [Re: Hotrodjrd]
jwcromer Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 11/18/06
Posts: 2467
Loc: N. Richland Hills,Texas
too many people keeping the fish


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