Firstly I want to say hello and it has been WAY TO LONG since I have been here on the forum, I believe it was around 2006. I met a new friend a few weeks back and he helped me rekindle my love of surf fishing. So long story short is I want to make some new fishing friends who like surf fishing for Reds and sharks. My last two trips were unproductive but at least I was fishing and getting a workout fighting them waves. All of my old surf gear is gone, sold or passed down, after I became a police officer and had to move south of Waco.

Now that I am back in Houston I would like to rekindle some of those old fishing relationships/friendships and start surf fishing more. If memory serves me the Bull Reds should start running in the next 6-8 weeks and I want to get in on the action. I sold my kayak for running bait years ago so that 300-400yrd "drop" is not possible even wading to the 4th bar.

Well I know I left out a few things but you 'git' the jist of it all and hopefully my pics (attachments) works. I can be contacted via phone/text @ 281-796-3016 or by email at


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