New day different pattern. After a successful work out, I decided to fish pine island bayou again. Caught a total of 15 fish 12 bass and 3 goggle eye (war mouth bass, rock bass). Had 5 keepers with the biggest one at 16 inches. All the rest of the keepers were right at 14 inches. Water surface clarity 0-1 foot. Cloudy early to sunny. Early morning: followed shad along the banks with a small boo yah spinner bait or a yellow magic popper. Mid morning: zoom ultra vibe fished off the bottom with a 1/8 ounce bullet weight. All keepers and goggle eyes were caught on ultra vibes. Fish are schooling sparingly chasing bait balls near small creek or ditch openings. Find the bait fish and there will be bass lurking around the cypress trees and cypress knees. Fish right up against cover.

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