September 19,2015 Weather could not be nicer. Cool morning, beautiful sunrise, light north wind, great Fall weather. We had a slow morning, missed a big Speck Topwater strike, while looking everywhere but at the lure, but that 's O.K. .Fished the North End of Sabine Lake, have not done that in a while. Not many Lady fish, that was kind of nice. The Trout were on the small side, but caught some everywhere we stopped, so that was good. The water was in decent condition, birds were hanging around, but worked the shrimp boats in the I.C.W. more than the lake. That was also good to see the shrimp boats working, pretty much all day. So, the shrimp are moving out of the marsh. Caught some nice Speckled Trout, but caught way more smaller ones. Same way with the Flounder. There are a ton of Flounder, but we had to catch 10 to keep 1. Did not have that problem with the Redfish. The Reds were mostly in the upper slot range. Towards the end of the day, in the middle of Sabine Lake, we came across huge schools of mullet and shad. Had to be 2 square miles of them. Caught some big Gafftops, and a big Flounder underneath them. Caught pretty much everything that swims, caught Specks, Flounder and Redfish all day, really enjoyed the company and the weather. Still having trouble with pictures? Pictures on website www.luckylindycharters.com