These last couple days have been very hot, a stark contrast from the cooler weather we had for about a week or so. Whereas I was previously fishing in the 3 ft range, today was very different. Instead, I chose to fish back toward main lake points, rather than fish the first timber flat in the creek. Early in the day, there was steady wave action and I selected a small-profile swim jig in a perch pattern and used a slow and steady retrieve over lay downs. This was deadly, indicated by how deep the fish were eating the bait. Later, the wave action subsided. Best methods became slow moving presentations like the Carolina rig. I am certain that I get more strikes fishing in the middle of the water column that I would had I picked up a jig and fished on the bottom. It's just that time of the year. You are welcome to visit my webpage to stay informed with the latest fishing reports.

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