Sorry for the picture (instead of screenshot). Took this the other day at Eagle Mountain. I was on a ridge that fell off a plateau of about '10 into about '28 at the deepest. The spot was holding fish, as you can see. But not exactly the kind of fish I wanted. While there, and around the time of this screenshot, I caught several small sandbass and some smaller size drum. I want to emphasize the word small---I did not catch any keeper-size sandies at this spot. The sandbass in particular were very small, and averaged around 7-9 inches in length. The drum were slightly bigger. I probably caught around 9-10 fish at this spot over a period of about 25-35 minutes. Based on these catches, this picture is probably a school of small sandbass and drum. When you take a close look at the picture, you can surely bet there are keeper size sandies in this school (see the area towards the top of the school) and some smaller fish hovering around the bottom. Interestingly, I was fishing the bottom and caught all my fish by bouncing my jig on the bottom and taking it up no more than 1-2 feet; this may explain why I caught the smaller size fish. The school was basically circling the spot where I was at. I would see this screenshot or a grouping of similar size every couple of minutes. I would say they were moving pretty fast and keeping stride.

--Nick smirk