I have a 31 foot boat I need to haul to north central Texas from Port Isabel. I am hoping to find someone that has a large boat sitting in a marina at PK or one of the DFW area lakes that is having to pay storage for their trailer and would be willing to rent it out for a week.
I have owned the the boat for 5 years and it lives in a boat on stands when I am not down south. I plan to bring it up here for a complete restoration. I have a friend that runs a crane service so unloading the boat and putting it back on stands once it is here will be no problem.
The boat weighs 10,000 lbs, 11 foot wide, with the tower and outriggers removed it is 10 foot tall. I have never hauled this one but used to haul a different 27ft boat I restored so I am aware of over width permits, choosing roads and times to haul.
I have not had any luck finding a company with a trailer for rent and don't really want to hire a boat hauling service to do what I am completely capable of doing myself. The trailer will be covered by my insurance and I would be willing to add extra insurance if requested.
If you have one or know someone that may have a triple axle boat trailer please give me a call
Sam 254-693-5322, 940-327-7972 (cell)