Been staying really busy lately on crankbaits people have been requesting so I figured I would post something here. I have several different bodies available and have several stock patterns I have had been successful with. All baits will be built with quality components heavy stainless rings, #4 vmc forged short shank round bends for $8 shipping is 5.95 and of orders of 7 or more baits I will ship for free. You can mix and match any body or pattern you like. Right now I'm running on average 2 weeks behind, but I'm having larger shipments of bodies coming my way and will be putting in as many hours as I can to try and have a few of each bait available in the next couple weeks. So hopefully turnaround times will be reduced soon. Also if your looking for jerkbaits I have those available as well in a separate listing.

Bodies available


1.5 available in rattle, silent, and 1 knocker
2.5 available in rattle, and rattle with weight transfer

Medium divers

Lc1.5dd dives 6-8 available in rattle, silent, or 1 knocker
Lc2.5dd dives 8-10 available in rattle and silent

Here are some pictures of my stock patterns, I can make adjustments to them if needed adding glitter, stripes, shad dots, eye color, etc. If you wanting something fully custom please feel free to pm me and we will discuss what your looking for.

Holographic green gizzard

Gunmetal splatterback

Cracked citrus

Copper bone

Ghost splatterback

Natural bone

Shuflin ' s summer shad

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