Hi everyone, I'm new to Texas originally from Missouri. I call myself the KCPolarBear because I'm from Kansas City, Missouri and can stand sub 0 temperatures with very little clothing. I've moved to Houston for a job. My love for fishing has pushed me down to the ocean. I am looking at some freshwater stuff too, but I want to give the old salt a try.

The first one is a 100lb blue cat caught in the Missouri River about a year ago. The second one is a tiny little shark I caught a couple weeks ago.

I'm looking to try and catch a bull red. I've done some searching on the internet and have found people usually kayak their bait out into the water. My questions, is this necessary or can I wade out as far as I can and lob it out there? How far out and any tell tell sings of what to look for?

Thanks for the responses.