September 7, 2015 Labor Day!! Another beautiful day. We kept missing the rain, but taking advantage of the shade from every passing cloud. Late start, but still heading to the Jetties. First cast, Sharks, and Spanish Mackerel. More Sharks, more Mackerel, then those pesky Needle Nose Garfish. Not as many as the day before. We worked our way back to Sabine Lake, and again, culling through the small Speckled Trout. The Louisiana Shoreline was still full of Speckled Trout and Redfish. We found one school of Reds, but mostly Trout, with more Lady Fish. Birds were working huge schools of Lady Fish. If you can put up with them, there are some bigger Trout under them. It is annoying, but it is better than nothing. Megan managed the biggest Speckled Trout of the day, in the open lake, fishing under the schooling Lady Fish. Another day of fun in the sun, taking full advantage of Labor Day on Sabine Lake. Hope ya'll had as much fun as we did. For pictures, you need to go to my new website. I am having trouble posting picture here?