September 6, 2015 Labor Day weekend, back to Sabine Pass Jetties. Sharks, then Spanish Mackerel,Speckled Trout, and literally a ton of Needle Nose Gar fish. There were so many, Redfish and Spanish Mackerel were tearing through huge schools of the bait robbers. Worked our way into Sabine Lake and were met by hoards of Lady Fish. Started catching Speckled Trout along the Louisiana Shoreline, but there were a lot of small ones. After a while, we changed the scenery, and went back to Sabine Pass in the channel. We caught a few more Trout, some pretty decent, but we still had to deal with the pesky Lady Fish and some smaller Trout. All in all, not a bad day. There is no problem catching fish, or getting something to bite. The problem is finding the right fish, the right size. There is plenty of active fish, but we still had to work, to put fish in the ice chest.