Three things are among us...Fall,Football, and Bass Fishing. I was out with a couple of clients last week and caught quiet a few bass. They were mostly small but all of us caught some fish and enjoyed the day. We launched at Jordan Park at 545am with a lot of activity in the water. The shad were really on top of water and the bass not far behind. We started finding fish in the flooded grass, we moved spots and the pattern seemed to hold. We moved spots again as the morning set in and a crank bait, spinnerbaits, and a Reactions Innovation sprayed grass color craw got them going for a moment in the Johnson Branch area. We did manage a good size drum but finished the day with the dinks and descent bites we wish we could of had back. I believe the good ones were there but moved out quick off the flats. The flats are a definite place to find fish, it's finding the pockets of fish on the flats. This could mean they are in 5-6ft or 15ft-25ft on the flats. Hope your next journey to the lake ends with a live well full of fish and great memories.