Have fully-loaded 1860 G-3 Deluxe Gatortough CCT. Looking for angler(s) with own equipment who fish with a passion, like fishing until we drop, that kind of fishing. No drinkers or smokers, allowed. I have some breathing issues, so no smokers.

Bring your own lifejacket too and enough lunch and liquids to keep fishing. Bring rain jackets too, because if the fish are biting, we keep fishing. However, thunder and lightning will get us off the water.

Paying for boat launch and bring bait helps too, especially since I supply the gas for the outboard and maintain the boat. I usually have ice ready, so we do not have to buy that.

I like to fish for anything and everything. Big bream are a treat when they are hitting fast. Catfish are always in Conroe. Bass are fun, but sometimes not worth the energy to get a few. Alligator gar are lots of fun too. In other words, I am not into trophy bass angling.

I'm a senior citizen but will fish with all ages. I can fish any days, since I'm retired.

I am looking for anglers who are somewhat experienced. In other words, we'll just go fishing. I do not have to feel like I'm providing a free guide service. (Been there before; done that; but no more.) I'd expect the guest also to help clean out the boat, help strap it on the trailer, etc. Unfortunately, some guests talked on their phones or watched while I did all the work. Therefore, if you are eager to share in the tasks, you're welcome.

Also looking for person who knows how to back in the boat and trailer into launch areas, so I can drive boat on and off the trailer at the launch ramp.