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#11067833 - 08/27/15 04:43 PM Fishing For Reaction Strikes?
Donald Harper Online   happy
TFF Guru

Registered: 01/25/08
Posts: 14619
Loc: Justin, TX.
When I think about reaction strikes, I am getting bit just as soon as it passes in front of the Bass. It is a quick bite; but it does not always happen.

What are your feelings about only fishing for reaction strikes?
How much of a Bass's day is contributed to feeding by reaction?
Do you use other techniques and baits to get them to bite when they are there but not reacting to your go to reaction baits?
How do you feel about the importance of your baits having all the senses going for them; sight, sound, vibration, smell and etc.?
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#11067866 - 08/27/15 04:57 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
Rockfisherman Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 02/21/11
Posts: 750
Loc: Dallas, Tx
It seems logical to me that fish that are not heavily pressured
are more likely to fall for reaction strikes vs. heavily pressured
fish who see thousands of lures a year.

Hank Parker and to a lesser extent KVD were well known for power/speed
"reaction" fishing and having great success over a long period of
time.....but as fishing pressure took off, more need for baits that
appeal to the other "senses"

Then there are times of the year when reaction is #1 reason for strikes
and times when you can hit them in the head and they won't react.

Finally - (and this is where I fall I think) Doesn't matter what you throw
if there are no fish in the water where you are throwing it..........

PM me to let me know how it was!

#11067881 - 08/27/15 05:09 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
kirbydog Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 02/18/06
Posts: 707
Loc: Colorado/Conroe
I'm 66-I throw fast reaction type stuff then my shoulders start telling me to slow down. smile

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#11067919 - 08/27/15 05:43 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
epicoutdoors Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/18/08
Posts: 1978
Loc: On The Water NE Texas
It's really hard to define what a "reaction bite" is since all bites are a reaction. A bass that is actively feeding is reacting and so is one that's in idle and bites. They are opportunistic feeders so unless something has them shutdown, It's always a good time to eat.

When I'm thinking reaction bites it's mostly about speed. Under tough conditions I'm looking to cover water most of the time.
I pitch a jig frequently and it's out and back at a good pace. I'm looking for the bite on the initial fall and when that's working the jig won't spend any time on the bottom. Other times a quick shake gets will trigger a bite but I generally keep it on the fall. Basically I'm trying to put it on as many noses as possible. In deeper water, stroking the jig will get bites on the fall too.

A largemouths natural prey doesn't really vibrate or rattle but it's undeniable that sometimes noisy baits get it done. I don't rely on it though. Scents can be very effective as well.

I think color is the most overrated factor. Lighter or darker, flash or more subtle, size and silhouette, rate of fall and specific action are important considerations. BUT!!!
Presentation is the deal. How you choose to put anything in front of a bass is probably the most important factor of all.

#11067953 - 08/27/15 06:10 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
outfishdya Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/19/06
Posts: 15131
Loc: Highland Lewisvillage
The only reaction strikes I get are on the cast. I fish slow and thorough in an area. If I pitch a tree or dock, it maybe a reaction, or they may follow it down and watch a few seconds before striking.
Bass likely feed less on reaction in clearer water. I think fewer things can sneak up on them. Murky water fish prolly feed much more on reaction because they see(or feel) their prey later.
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#11067985 - 08/27/15 06:22 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
Bruce Allen Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/11/06
Posts: 2241
Loc: Lake Fork, Texas
2 guys in a fishing club I used to belong to in another state used the reaction bite theme to clean up at open tournaments. With double or triple electric motors or their jon type boat they would move very fast constantly throwing their lures, only stopping to land a fish.

They won a lot of money using this technique. They were only interested in fish that were "hungry and feeding" as they came to them.

One of the pair still fishes the Federation and has made it to the Nationals a couple of times.
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#11068290 - 08/27/15 08:38 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
Dr JL Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 01/01/11
Posts: 1593
Loc: Aledo, Texas
I always think bass bite only for 3 reasons-
Feeding bite
Guarding bite- my favorite
Reaction bite- obviously many factors here, but a sudden change or trigger elicits this strike. I think you can get a reaction bite moving the bait very/very slow with a slight change like a slight bump on structure that triggers some instinct. So it doesn't have to be spraying the shore going fast to get this strike, although that might work as well.
I have tried brush piles over and over with nothing, then ran a buzz bait over the top in 12-14 ft water just to trigger interest, then use a jig in there very slowly resulting in awesome bites bumping logs- just an example but many things might trigger a reaction type strike.
Large bass ( which I kinda like to try to catch but often fail) spend lots of time suspended and inactive, but some of them go into a flush feeding mode for hours a day, maybe more so in prespawn and also more during daytime then, which makes them vulnerable. So when they bite then is that feeding or reaction? Depends. I think you can get a reaction strike from a feeding or guarding bass but nothing triggers an inactive fish.
So a lot is kinda semantics, but I like to know why my target fish is biting- feeding actively, guarding, or not really either but maybe still catchable with the right reaction trigger.

#11068388 - 08/27/15 09:15 PM Re: Fishing For Reaction Strikes? [Re: Donald Harper]
Jake Shannon(Skeet4Life) Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 10/31/10
Posts: 8159
Loc: Tyler, Tx/Arlington, Tx
Reaction doesn't mean they are reacting to feed. Many reaction bites are just that a quick swipe and something that triggers their natural instinct to feed. Reaction bite is how u get dormant fish or fish that are not feeding to bite your bait. By fishing fast and covering water like sated above u catch the active and feeding fish. But asks throwing reaction baits for a long time in areas holding non feeding fish will produce also you trigger their instinct to feed regardless of their actually level of "hungry" I mean u keep tossing me and hamburger for 30 min when I'm not hungry and eventually I'll take a bite even though I'm full.


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