Excuse me for asking a technical electrical question, but I just want to know what some of the newer boats have in their design. I know that you should always replace a fuse with like kind and rating, but I bought the boat used and Skeeter did not document what size fuses should on each load. So I am sending out a shout out to see if I should change any fuses or wiring. I understand ampacity of wire, NEC, and ABYC electrical calculations and very capable in selecting the proper wire type, size, fuses, fittings, etc. But then again, that is how I spotted the potential problems.

What brought this up, is I had to replace my fuse panel on a 20 year old boat because several locations were too loose to keep the current. I there are four 10A fuses, six 5A fuses, and two 3A fuses. Two of the 10A appear to be oversized and one 10A maybe undersized.

1) Horn has a 10A fuse. The horn itself only draws 1A, has a 16 AWG wire that is less than 2 feet.

2) Tilt/Trim Relay has a 10A fuse. The trim relay only drawls less than 0.5A, has a 16 AWG wire that total length to the commander 2000 controls to the bow switch is less than 14 feet long. This wire goes with in inches of the fuel tank so it is not one I'd like to toast the wire with an oversized fuse.

3) Bilge Pump has a 10A fuse. bilge has 16-2 AWG wire in a sheath and is less than 8 feet long.
I can understand the bilge pump being critical circuit, it drawls 2.9A when run continuously for a period of time. With a 50% safety factor added it puts the load at 4.5A, which is too close to 5A and the 7.5A fuse is hard to find. But the bilge draws the same amperage at the two livewell fill pumps in the bilge and they have a 5A fuse. I guess fish are critical unless you fish for money.

Question: What size fuse do the newer boats have on the Horn, Tilt/Trim, and Bilge?

Also the way skeeter wired the livewell pumps the auto timer is a 10A rated timer but it has all four pumps on it in auto power mode, which is just over 9A, so there is no safety factor in this fuse. Maybe the safety factor is built into the timer and the wire and fuse to protect the timer. It has not been blowing the fuse, I can not see any signs of the wire overheating; but it is time to replace the timer. I never have all four Aeration and Recirculation pumps going at the same time in Auto mode. With the pump wires with in inches of the fuel tank, this is not something I want to test on the water. The Skeeter is wired with three 5A fuses (one for three of the pumps manual on power mode, and one 10A fuse provides power to the timer, the 4th pump manual on power, and all the pumps auto on power. Unlike the bilge pump, Trim relay, and horn; this fuse seems to be selected to protect the timer.

Question: What size fuse do the new boats have for the 10A Livewell timer?
95 Skeeter 150ZX w/ Merc XR6 150
Ocean Kayak Prowler 13
59 Yellow Jacket w/ Merc 50