My name is Justin and I’m a fisherman from Minnesota who’s just beginning to get his feet wet with competitive fishing. I’ve fished my first few tournaments and begun to see that the tournament directors take on an incredible amount of responsibility to uphold the sport. Directing a tournament can be a hell of a lot to manage and I’m impressed that so many directors like yourself take on the burden.

I’ve got a knack for software development and have the dream of reforming the way tournament directors can manage their tournaments online. There’s a couple options out there for Fishing Tournament Management, but they’re all way too expensive, outdated, or just downright not appealing. A few friends and I have been working extremely hard to develop a platform for tournament directors to list and manage their tournament, safely accept online registration, easily update results, and a lot more. Most importantly, I want to keep 100% of the entry fees going to the director. I never want to affect payouts. I plan to make enough to keep the lights on by charging a small registration fee on the fishermen’s side when they register for the tournament.

All in all, it would absolutely mean the world to me if you’d be willing to take a quick survey. I’ve interviewed a lot of directors, but want to keep the feedback coming so I can make this the best option for a director. I really think this could be an incredible utility for tournament directors and a big idea for the fishing industry. It’s something I’ll keep fair, transparent, and exciting. The link to the survey is right below!


Honestly, thank you so much for your time. It’s extremely beneficial to me (and hopefully someday you!). To sign up for updates check out www.wefish.net and, if you’ve got any other directors you think could help out, please shoot me their email or forward this to them.
Have a great day and, as always…

Tight Lines,

Justin Bjork

*Please only take the survey if you currently direct or have directed a fishing tournament in the past*

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