With these 3 baits on the deck your sure to be able to entice those finicky schools of fish on the deep structure. Mix them up and keep the school active and feeding!

1) The Talon Football jig. Its been a staple on big bass lakes around the country for years, its unique design, custom color combos, and durability are second to none.

2) The Talon Big Dandy Spoon. Available in some of the most incredible hand painted color schemes, feathered hook, and premium components this bait wont disappoint. Unlike other spoons on the market, the Big Dandy Spoon's color pattern will not come off under normal usage. No more having a sexy shad spoon become a silver spoon after just 3 fish, Talons finishing coat is tough as nails.

3) Talon Fishing Unlimited Petes Preacher Jig. A bait everyone recognizes but few have fished. Petes Preacher Jig is one of the easiest baits to fish, simply cast it out and let it sink to the bottom, hold the rod in the 10 o clock position, and give the reel 4 cranks then pause still holding the rod at 10 o clock and allow the bait to sink back to the bottom, then repeat. Stroking this bait is also a great technique, its really come on strong nationwide in the last few months. This bait has been an awesome addition to the arsenal.

You can find all of these baits for sale at http://talonfishing.com/ , Tackle Warehouse, Needmore Tackle, Bass Mafia, and many more dealers around the nation.

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