Today we took out a grand father his sone and 3 of his grandkidts, they showed up a little lake thy couldn't fined the Boat ramp. This is the reason i Insistet on meet in Grosebeck. so whit hit the water about 740 and took of for the reed and pulled in some in about 800. chummed it up the area real well it did not take home long to sow up my and my sone spend the first 2 hours explaining to them, untangling crossed limes, tied close to 25 hooks do to them trying to throug it as far as the could and the wills and reed were about about 20 ft away so far that i told the i would cast no sooner i calst the real the kiddo were realign them in. i finally gave up and the the grand father and dad look after then, I couldn't eve get a 10yr old t touch the cheese bait My 5yr will even put the pizza bait on the hook. i got tired of tieing hook and loosing bombers i had my son get the cast net out and get some shad and we went out by the power lines and stifted we really didn't have the right rods or set ups but i made them work we pich up 22 by 11 on the punch bait and 5 drifting but he did not want any of the Blues said he did not like the tast so i too them home They were by far the most one of the most aggravating trips i have every done. if yought a fish had to do something one or 2 go them wold rush to that spot even push you out of the way my boat is 21ft long it is more then big enough but there wanted to sit on top of one an other. I finally got the chum buckes and spaced them out there were to fish right there and not to cross anyone. there fish were decent i didn't take pics the blues my mother in low grand them and started to make them for dinner as soon as we got home. the weren't big 2-3lb I am putting my rod holders on and maybe fired if i cate get to guys to go with me to richard chamberlin I am going to go back and do some drifting