Sabine Pass Jetties, pretty much every thing is out there. Speckled Trout, Red Fish (Big Redfish), Spanish Mackerel, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Sharks (Lot's of Shark, mostly little ones).This is the time of year, you can almost go offshore fishing and see land. If you catch favorable winds, it is a fun time out there, you never know what is going to show up. Sabine Lake is fixing to be in high gear. Shrimp are already starting to move out of the marsh (kind of late, but better late than never). The Louisiana Shore Line is full of shrimp coming out of the marsh. There are a lot of Flounder and Redfish waiting for them. Schools of shad are popping up all over the lake as well. The bird's are working, but I would not count on them, there are very few birds, in very few places. The birds that are there seem to disappear if you get the slightest bit close, so give them plenty of room, and they will help you stay with the Trout. Along with all the schools of shrimp and shad, there are also a good number of Gafftops and Lady Fish as well. The Lady Fish are all over the lake, all the way to the jetties. With all the wacky weather this year, the Fall Fishing Bonanza may be happening sooner than later. www.luckylindycharters