ELETE – HYDRATION WATER ADDITIVE- Pocket Bottles and Refill Bottles

I have discovered a wonderful product for hydration while fishing. Please take a look at their website: www.eletewater.com.

The electrolytes in Elete are more powerful than the sports drinks. It doesn’t have any sugars or carbs.. The 8.5 oz. bottle will last all summer with a fraction of the cost of the sports drinks.

Non Poster: 432-553-1874 or email at: .fishnteacher@gmail.com.
All order over $50 ship FREE.

The Pocket Bottle: $7
- Keep it in the boat. Electrolytes are not heat sensitive.
- Refill the bottle as needed from the 8.5 oz. size.
- One Pocket Bottle will dose a case of water.

The 8.5 oz Refill Bottle: $20
- Comes in Citrilyte Flavor.
- Citrilyte is the one to get if you like lemon flavor.
- One bottle will dose 8 cases of water.

Here is an example of what ELETE can do for you.
It was extremely warm on our trip to Mexico this Feb.. One of my customers who was catching so many bass each day just would not drink enough water, even when ask to do so. The first night he payed the price. He was up every hour with leg cramps. I finally wake up and find him walking them out around the cabin. A big bottle of water dosed with ELETE immediately solved the problem. I didn't have any problem the rest of the week convening him to stay on the product daily and he had no more problems the rest of the week.

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