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#11042504 - 08/14/15 05:49 PM For those of you how have been wanting to try it now is a great time
Chemdawg Offline
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Its not secret i dont do this to make money or guid to make money. I do it for one it give me something to do and help me with my PTSD by keeping me busy. I was lucky enough were I make enough money were i never have to work again. so I make the bait and use it to help other Disabled Soldiers who suffer from ptsd or are un able to get around well. The government VA check are not much money I know for about a year that is all the real income I had. So I use all the money from the bait to take out disabled vets and Vets who just cant afford a guid or to rent a boat . I take them fishing you guys who own boats know that it is not cheap to heal a boat the lake and i have a 21ft bot and it causes my truck to bring gass if i go over 60mph. all the bait money goest towrds them and most of my guid money as well. I dont usr take the fishing I also buy the kids fishing rods and reals if they dont have there own. Thy are not the most expensive set up and i try to keep it about 60$ for a rod and reel most times i buy an ugly stick because thy will last and what ever decent reel that is on sale I try to get the mitchell 300 of the older kids and the younger kids i like the Rhino set ups they seem to be pretty decent rods and reals.for a kid. I like to give the customer a fair deal as well that is why when i am able to i lower the price to reflect how much i paid for the cheese. my vender lowered th price for me on a 150 lbs of cheese so i am passing the saving on to you the customer i am selling my dough bait for $8.50 for 32oz I dont know how long this will last but i have bunch made up and it is and it is selling fast if you have been wanting to try it now is a perfect time. 8.50$ is a great deal considering the price of cheese is quite high and shipping is even higher. most of the time shipping out weights the cost of the bucks of cheeses a buck of cheese may run 19$ but shipping is 50$ so as of right no its $8.50 per jar it hold up very very well in the heat i dont even have to put it in the shade or cooler like most cheese baits. to keep the from melting it this batch will stay on the hook very well i had to make it a bit thicker one the heat it is hot as hell out and 2 the water temp is about 88-90deg and soft cheese just break down and fall of i also adjusted it a bit and it works great here is a pick of last weekend in 106-107deg we were fishing in 2ft of water using a treble hook and a slip cork i make and sell if you would be intrested in those as well
there was around 30 we took home we gave some to and older fella who was bank fishing when we got there he had been there sinc 3 and had about 5 fishing we took him out if i can remember correctly he had around 18 by himself i normal to take pic of fish but i am going to start that day it was just to hot we quit around 11 iam guessing because it was 1130 by the time i had the boat on the trailer. this cheese really take the heat well and works just as good and any other . I read an article about why cats like cheese so much it mentioned level time that cats can detected some of the proteins in the cheese from really far off. and it aptly trigger them to feed even when they not feeding. I know we have alway done well with cheese bait exctp waco when water is being let out of the dam or has been let out in the past few day the loss water cases them to just suspend for a few days it'll the lake levels off I have started to check the dam reports before i go to a lake to make sure they are or haven not let a lot of water out. there was a story written By Vandam the bass fishing guy he owns a family run shop and they have a huge fresh water tank when they chang the water even my a food the cats and bass school up the cats will go right to the bottom and the bass are just above them and they wont move not even to he he said you can take a brook stick and touch them and they wont budge just a little tip I for you you next trip check the flood gates for how much water is being release I know on waco Even 3 inch will shut them off for a few days that is why a lot of times i push people to lime stone not to make more money just to they dont was theres on a lake that wont produce fish as well. I am one of those guys were if the customer did not catch much i dont charge them at all and will take them back out for free. thank good i have only had to do that once on waco when they let since of water and i did not check the relese report till i got home nothing i did work at any depth i even when out to 22-27 ft of water and was making them still only one fish out of the bunch so next time you go out look at the water levels and test it for your self I don like to fish deep unless its cold out

i want to thank every one for there support ofer the past few days it meant a lot to me to revive all the pms and text messages showing your support. It really meant a lot to know so many of you cared and supported me the past few days. it really meant a lot I know my post can be hard to read it is extremely hard for me to catch any mistakes unless they are underlined by my the computer to me it looks right in my eyes. even when i reread it. I was told I Probaly would never better then i am right now and my memory would not improve so i do my best to get by . so I am were i am and nothing i can to about it So sending me messages telling me to lean to spell and write dont help to those of you who have sent them. I really only shard these pick with a few people but maybe it will help some of you get off my back about it this is the reason I cant spell or write while most of you were watching the news about the war i was there living it 14-18hr a day some time much longer and loosing my soldiers left and right for over 2 yrs Here is a pick of when memory got messed up I dont normally post or

I lost 3 men that day I was the only that walk away I should not have survived granted my head was cracked wide open my hearing was going for a few days and i need help to walk 5 ft before i got sick and that is just one of 7 so sending me rude text messages and pms wont change anything and accusing me of being someone els with a 3 lined post someone els made. after I moved back to texas and didn't tell anyone. is not proof. its part of a post that does nothing at all. it does not tell out history it does not do anything other then a guy saying we ran in to each other after I retied and he used my bait and made a post like i asked to do. Using your imagination to some how come up with the out come you did is beyond me. and say anything other then what was posted is just foolish. for the few you seem to think i am someone els , you do realize in the military move around dont alway keep in touch with people once they move. when you suffer from ptsd we really most of use dont keep in contact with most people we know or knew unless those people keep in contact with use. so unless you have the hole story and proof stop spreading rummers. I dont care how good of a fishermen you are or think you are. it does not give someone the right to spread rummers. this is not hight school all your doing is showing your true cartier and lack of integrity by doing such things if i bother you that much dont post or even click on a thread of mine.

all it try to do is tell other were how when and what i was using . maybe it will help others. local fish. like the fish above were caught in a big field of reeds i actly pulled my boat it to them smashend them down and used my prop to cut them in order to may a 12 ft hole i then back out and anckord in the reedds part way and chummed it up with in 15mins the cats were every were. I know most people would not do that or even think of doing it but it worked well if it was not for the heat we would have limited out I am be new catching cats in texas for the past few years but i am definitely not new to fishing for cats. I can honestly say i have been fishing most my life I know since i was at least 4 when my mother started to manage lakes resorts and i use to go with my grand father be for that. who was probable the best fishermen i ever know. water it was trout Salon steahead trout stergon or any kind of bottom fish in the ocean he could catch it. I grow up on lakes my mother managed lake resort growing up. when i moved to NY when i was 17 with my dad we did not live far from Lake Eire, severly are Creeks and rivers and 6 natural lakes one that is on the bass fishing tour in Jamestown Ny. I never fished a man made lake till i moved here. so dont assume that i dont know what i am talking about. it just took me a little bit to adjust to this warm weather and water. the cat fishing is not as good up north as down here. our main fish was musky pike walleye and trout then cats I know these comments only apply to 4-5 people but it gets a little old after a while your suppose to be adults by now i mean most of those who are doing this are 50 or over. its time to fined a new target every time i get one of your emails pms or messages it will be turned over to the mods

again long post sorry to every one the good new is the price dropped on my bait for a while at least $8.50 each great time to stock up

#11042531 - 08/14/15 06:03 PM Re: For those of you how have been wanting to try it now is a great time [Re: Chemdawg]
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Loc: Whitehouse, Texas

Got the bait in the mail yesterday. Fished for Whites today but back to the Catfish tomorrow so I'll try it out.

Thanks and appreciate you sending it so quickly!
Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service

#11043028 - 08/14/15 10:53 PM Re: For those of you how have been wanting to try it now is a great time [Re: Chemdawg]
Chemdawg Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 01/22/13
Posts: 1236
No problem you should fish it with a slip cork about 3in off the bottom i am sure it will work the way you fish when i tried it like the the results were better suspended it puts the sent out there batter well i wasn't well enough to get out there this week i am hoping this weekend or monday


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