I figured it was time to thin the herd a little bit. I have a lot of fly stuff I don't use much that I need to give other people a chance to use more than I do. Here goes...

Gander Mountain Frontier 2pc 9í 8wt fly rod with a Bass Pro Hobbs Creek 7/8 spooled with Cortland 8wt line

This would be a good bass/striper/light saltwater fly rod. Itís a pretty powerful 8wt and can shoot line easily. The rods were discontinued several years ago. Comes with a nice Gander Mountain hard fly rod tube that the rod came with.

2wt 7í3Ē 4pc Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Finesse Series fly rod with an Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock reel spooled with Scientific Anglers 2wt GPX line

This was my old creek fishing set up and is an awesome rod for sunfish and small bass. Also a great little rod for small stream trout and a great travel rod. It packs down super tiny since the rod is a 4pc 7í3Ē. I just find I donít use it much since I got a short 4wt that does the same job. Comes with the TFO rod sleeve it came in.

2wt 7í3Ē 4pc Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Finesse Series fly rod

Somewhere down the line I ended up with a second rod as the combo above. It has never been used and Iíve only taken it out of the sleeve twice. Comes with the TFO rod sleeve it came with

5wt 8í6Ē 4pc Bass Pro Hobbs Creek fly rod with a Cabelas Three Forks 4/5/6 reel spooled with 5wt Cabelas fly line

This is a fantastic starter set up for someone just wanting to get into fly fishing. The rod works great for anything warm water, medium size bass, sunfish, sandbass, carp, whatever you want to throw it for it will handle. The reel has a good drag system on it and Iíve been well into the backing with carp before and it handled them with ease. Iíll throw in a TFO rod sleeve I have laying around to keep it protected. Iíll also include a Gander Mountain fly rod tube made for a 2pc rod that fits it that I have lying around not being used

7í11 Sage Largemouth Bass fly rod with a Lamson Velocity 3.5 reel spooled with Sage Largemouth 330 grain fly line

This is about the meatiest rod you can buy. This is one of the original largemouths from the first series that Sage made. Itís great for fishing really heavy cover throwing huge bugs at bass and wrestling them back to you. Itís a cool rod and despite the broomstick appearance the rod is pretty light to the touch and the line loads the rod up pretty well for decent length casts. Itís a cool rod to have in your collection. I just donít use it as much as I should after having it for so many years. Comes with a Sage rod/reel case that came with it. This combo is almost brand new and has been used only a couple times.

Pflueger Medalist 1492 fly reel spooled with 4wt Scientific Anglers fly line

Just an extra reel I have lying around. It would pair well on a trout or panfish setup

Bass Pro Hobbs Creek 4/5 reel

Another extra reel I have sitting here. It works great, has a few scratches and dings on it but mechanically is 10/10

Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 7wt WF7F fly line

I bought this on clearance a few years ago when I had a 7wt that I ended up selling. Iíll let it go cheap

Bass Pro White River fly fishing vest- Small

This would be a cool gift for a young or female angler; Itís kind of small and was mine when I was pretty young. It hasnít been used in a while and is gently used. Iíd like to let someone else get some use out of it rather than it just sit on a shelf

Iím open to offers on the above. PM me if you are interested and we can work something out

Available for pick up at Bass Pro in Grapevine, TX. I can meet anywhere in the Coppell/Flower Mound/Grapevine/Lewisville area. I also will be heading back to school at SFA in a few weeks so I could arrange something for anywhere around the Nacogdoches area and between there and here. Just let me know and we can work something out. Iíd rather not ship but if it comes to it I can ship on your dime
Austin Anderson
SFA Bass Team president