It's no secret I love Chemdawgs dough bait it does not stink it holds up in the sun and works like no other bait and I know he said he was not going to put it out there, just let the word of mouth spread the word. So I will be that word of mouth even though I know I will get a call in about an hour. Chemdawg set is price at $8.50 per jar. And wait it may stay that way for quit some time as his vender is giving it to him at a lower price. It might be that they carry his bait in there shop now but I don't care. The lower the price the better. Thanks Chemdawg
Lovin my Chemdawgs Dawgs Doughbait/ dip bait it's just as good Slip corks got .75 cents . They are the best I have used So far. I have never castes as far with any other cork before