Chemdawg lowered his price to 8.50 for 32 oz. I just noticed it in his signature page, so I called and asked. I guess he got 100 lbs of cheese discounted. He said he is passing the saving on to us. That is a Great deal for any one who use it or those who have wanted to use it. I stocked up last night , he said he does not know if it's permanent or not. Just that his vinder discounted the cheese for this batch. I would jump on this if I were you .I bought 3 gallons my self. But I am retired and get to fish just about every day for cats most the day,thenp I troll for white bass.
Lovin my Chemdawgs Dawgs Doughbait/ dip bait it's just as good Slip corks got .75 cents . They are the best I have used So far. I have never castes as far with any other cork before