Went out yesterday morning for a quick trip hoping to get into some good fish. So far this year have only really gotten into dinks, but I haven't been fishing much. The entire Lavonia and Little Ridge areas have been full of schools of the smaller fish, so we check there first. Nothing really going on at Lavonia, Hybrid Point looked empty, checked the dam, then went over the Little Ridge. Marked a few fish but none biting, so started trolling.

We hooked up about 150 yards off Little Ridge right over the humps, and when I stopped the boat to get the fish in, we drifted over a massive school of feeding fish. Didn't have time to get a sonar capture because wanted to get a line in the water too fast. For about 10 minutes I caught about every single drop. Interestingly enough, the fish were coming on a black grub more often than the slab... If you could get past the little fish on the top, there were HUGE sandies on bottom, we kept 10 that were all 14+ inches. I would guess a couple probably went 15-16. School moved around a bit for those 10 minutes, and we ended up losing 'em.

I feel like complete [censored] because I had called over the radio to Capt'n and I think Dusty came over - right when the school moved on... bolt Sorry guys, I was hoping y'all would come over and get on that school too.

Caught maybe another 15-20 fished isolated around the humps, trying to find that school again for the next 1.5 hrs then called it a day.

Tons of dinks on Lavon, and finally catching some big fish makes me feel better. I think there are more fish in Lavon (esp young fish) than I have ever seen, could have a few really good years coming up!