Hello, new member here, first time visitor to SPI (arriving this weekend 8/8/15 for a week). I enjoy fly fishing, but have only fished fresh water before (stream trout and pond or lake bass/panfish). Travelling with family so will not fish the entire week but I don't sit still or relax just lying on the beach so looking for fishing advice/information, preferably for wade or kayak access to fishing on the bay side (will rent kayak as needed). Not enough in budget to do a guide/charter, unless got a deal and had a partner to share cost, it's expensive to pay 2 person fee for just one.

So if anyone can lend some information on Speck Trout or Redfish, wade fishing easy access area, or even kayak access area fly fishing advice or direction please post or pm me.

I would also be open to a fishing partner while in the area, pm me if interested, I'm a sane business professional that is an experienced outdoorsman but inexperienced with saltwater or costal fishing or areas. I'm from central Kansas and would return any favor of information or sharing with same on hunting (pheasant, deer, duck, goose, etc.) or fishing in this area (or even in SW Colorado or SW Missouri areas where I am acquainted with the areas).

Thanks for reading!