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#10998847 - 07/24/15 04:29 PM makin it easier
cde Offline

Registered: 07/03/07
Posts: 280
Loc: east texas toledo bend waiting...
Was wondering if y'all would share some pics of yalls setups... I fish with my kids and its a hassle... so what do y'all use to make it more enjoyable??? Buckets?? Rod holders??? Wagons??? I need some ideas!!!! Thanks!!!!

#10998884 - 07/24/15 04:46 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
BankBassin Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/14/11
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Loc: Allen, Texas 75002
What are you looking for? In my eyes you are asking for a very wide range of replies. What are you hoping to make easier and more enjoyable?

I don't carry any of that stuff. I carry my rods and my daughters rod. I have a backpack that has all the tackle we both need. Maybe take a chair or two if I'm not going to be bass fishing. That's it though.
~You won't catch any fish if you don't try!

#10998951 - 07/24/15 05:28 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Fisherman13 Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 07/13/13
Posts: 2010
Loc: Lake Lavon
Take snacks and drinks for the kids, something they don't get all the time anything to keep them excited and fish for something like bluegills that will provide a lot of action to keep them interested. Try to keep it simple so you don't have to carry as much. A small little red wagon would help for hauling the stuff like chairs or what not.

#11091329 - 09/09/15 12:00 AM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Daniel Mtanous Offline

Registered: 09/08/15
Posts: 214
Loc: Desoto,Texas
My tackle box has hand sanitizer, needle nose pliers, and specialized hook removing pliers that have a long neck with two small teeth on the front that pinch onto hooks and allows me to remove hooks that are hooked in deeper then the lips.

I bought these special gloves from Wal-Mart that are skin tight and have special fibers stitched in that allow you to use touch screens which I placed in my box too. They are cheap and are the best gloves I have ever used. They form around your hands and allow you to do intricate things like tying. I forgot the name but they are super thin and small not like other cheap gloves that are usually over sized and bulky. You can find them in the glove section that's located in the Garden Section. They come in red, brown, and pink for ladies.

I have a bottle of insect repellent, some napkins, and a bag with a few baby wipes. Ziplock the baby wipes and they will last you a while. Replace as necessary.

At the local Wal-Mart they have small containers with hooks, weights, and swivels bundled in slotted plastic wheel for cheap. Buy yourself a circle along with a bag of bobbers. While your at it get the smallest size hooks you can find, the smallest swivels you can get, and a bottle of Power Bait. It looks like Play-Doh in a jar. It is a mess free way to have fun with your kids. I bought the yellow colored kind. It looks like corn. I recommend the ones not labeled for Crappie.

Buy yourself some Rooster Tail Spinner Baits. I recommend a red colored one and a yellow colored one. Don't buy the bigger longer versions unless your going to fish for Big Bass. The ones that are the size of your pinky finger are good enough for just about anything under the sun.

A jig with a plastic grub is good too but they sell some that are made out of fuzzy material that are cheaper overall. The fuzzy ones have a tail made of hair. The pro's of using a plastic grub is that you can switch the type of lure on the jig. The hairy jigs are stitched on the jig head and aren't removable.

I make sure to carry at least 1 Dual Tandem Spinner Bait and Buzz Bait and at least 1 Crank Bait. Style to your choosing. I have a Crank Bait that looks like a craw fish and it has been around for over 15 years.

I also have a Stick bait that I rarely use. I prefer to have a Popper. A popper is a top water lure that has a concave mouth. When you pull the string it "spits" the water in front of it causing it to "pop". Fish in a zig-zag manner, popping the lure every time you zip and zag. When you first cast let all the ripples clear before you start to pop.

Some people swear by Spoons. I used to carry a small spoon I bought at Wal-Mart. My father has it now but I wouldn't mind owning another one. It was chrome and unpainted.

I have a few over sized bobbers and a package of Eagle Claw Leaders with big hooks. I also carry a few or the black kind of quick release swivels. They are usually the biggest size I can find. I also own some heavier weights. The kind you tie on the end of a string or attach to a swivel not the kind you pinch onto your line or thread through the string. This allows me to switch into heavy fishing mode on the fly in case I ever have the need to catfish or bait fish for bigger fish.

The easiest rig to catfish or bait fish for bigger fish is to put the black swivel on the end of the string, place my weight on the swivel, then place my leader on the same swivel as the weight. Use chicken liver or Night Crawlers (worms). Cast and let sit. You can also place an oversized bobber on the string in case you want a visual indicator. I've used both but I remove the bobber at night.

I also own 2 bells that I can clip on my rod, a tiny flash light, and all purpose knife set, and a lighter.

All this is inside a small tackle box, the lunch box kind that closes with a single latch in the middle.


In a small tackle box carry some needle nose pliers, a pair of quality gloves, some hand sanitizer, bug repellant, baby wipes in a ziplock bag, a small flash light, an all purpose knife set (swiss army knife?), specialized hook removing pliers, bait and tackle, and a lighter.

Use Eagle Claw Brand leaders (they sell small and big hooks with a line attached to them, you hook the line onto your swivel, easy peasy), black swivels for big fish, gold ones for small fish, carry extra bobbers. Buy the bundles of weights, hooks, and swivels. They are in containers the size of your palm. Cheap for 2 or 3 dollars. Get some "Power Bait". It looks like Play-Doh in a Jar. Yellow Corn. Use this on small hooks for kids. No Mess No Fuss.

For Catfishing the stink baits in a bag and a bag of "Chum" will do wonders. Make sure you buy the brand that has the Stripes around the edges of the packaging. I believe they are White with Red and Blue. Rig like explained. Use as directed. Chicken Liver or Blood is the best flavor.

For Pan fishing buy the smallest swivels and smallest hooks. Bait with Power Bait. Press the corn onto the hook tip until the tip is covered. The tip should poke out barely from the corn. Put a small bobber on the line. Give it about foot lead. Give or take according to needs/ depth. I was fishing with a short lead about 6" but the fish wouldn't bite. I gave it a little slack and caught 2.


#11091339 - 09/09/15 12:14 AM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Daniel Mtanous Offline

Registered: 09/08/15
Posts: 214
Loc: Desoto,Texas
You can take a can of sweet corn with you, drain it and throw some corn out to Chum the area. You can use the corn on the hooks instead of Power Bait. I will probably take a can of corn with me next time I fish. I can chum the area and bait the hooks with Power Bait. The good thing about the Power Bait is that it doesn't get eaten off the hook like real corn and can be used more than once if you are low. Although I was changing the Power Bait after every hooked fish due to it ripping and not staying on the tip. If I don't have corn I'll just use some old bread and make a chum out of that. After all I don't want the fishies to get full off of corn or bread I want them to want my Power Bait!

#11092913 - 09/09/15 04:37 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Indianation65 Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 05/07/13
Posts: 8733
Loc: Richardson, Texas
Fishing with "kids" is usually fun, but not always word, backpacks for transportation, and pop-open chairs from Sports Academy for $5.99. Those have straps for carrying as well. Teach each kid/child to "learn" to carry his/her own weight!


#11107734 - 09/16/15 02:30 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Daniel Mtanous Offline

Registered: 09/08/15
Posts: 214
Loc: Desoto,Texas
It's not always about teaching kids to take care of themselves. One day your going to want to take that bluegill off the hook of one of your kids and you won't be able too. Then you'll sit there and cry a little to yourself.

#11108283 - 09/16/15 06:36 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
Ledeez Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 09/01/15
Posts: 1219
Loc: Lake lavon
I take my favorite 2 rods. Put one on the bottom with bait ( worms, shad or cut perch) and use the other one for me. Have the kiddo watch the one on the bottom with no hands but in or on some type of rod holder. When you get a bite you set the hook and let the kiddo reel in. Bobbers are your best friend for kiddos! No need for lots of equipment. Think simple carry a bucket! Have fun!

#11112759 - 09/18/15 09:28 PM Re: makin it easier [Re: cde]
DAOutdoors Offline

Registered: 04/12/10
Posts: 207
Loc: Texas
When y'all don't have time to get out to the water you could try to make some yard games that will help them cast with a practice weight on it. Make your job a bit easier when its game time.


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