Hey guys,

I am relatively new to fishing this area and am brand new (been a lurker for the past few months) to the forums.

I have been fishing this lake for a little less than a year and managed to find fish this past winter and spring, but have found it tough going as of late.

Jigging slabs/spoons off of points in 45 feet of water worked well during the winter. I seemed to have the best luck finding schools in the main part of the lake near BLORA during this time.

Trolling cranks, flukes, and other shad-like soft-plastics worked very well this past spring before the rains. I seemed to have the best luck finding schools around Rogers park and "skier's alley" and found that fish would bite during most times of the day. The bite seemed to get to segregate more toward the mornings and evenings as it got warmer.

Now that the boat ramps are back open, I have not been able to find schools of fish in usual places. I have had decent luck with hellpet rigs near the point across from the boat ramps at TLP with whites, but have yet to catch a decent hybrid this summer.

Has anyone else found it this tough or am I going about it all wrong? I appreciate any tips/advice.