on top of making a really good catfish bait my 13yr old is making some really nice slip corks made from wine corks and wooden dowls he double seal them and then paints them the eyelet he screws in it then takes it out and dips it in wood glue then he paints them one of 3 colors red orange and yellow that can be seen from quit far off the are long enough to were you can see me like a flag poole they are about 17in total in lang. the cast farther then any other bobobber i have used and are supper sensitive I use them with my customs cat fishing and they love them and alway buy them before they go along with catfish bait but crappie fishermen like them as well do the guys cashing the blue gills these are probable the best i have use yet and i alwas fish int a slip

they are $1.50 plus shipping these work really well with my catfish dough bait and dip baits