Sunday July 19th
VIP guests today welterweight martial arts champion Johnny Hendrix was invited by good customer and friend Dr.Tipton and his boys.
To be one of the toughest guys on the planet he is sure a nice man just down home and country.
We had a good day. Johnny got to catch a couple of Richland Chambers Hybrids and show off his fishing skills as well.
Thanks Doc for bringing Johnny and the boys down I will see you soon!!
All fish caught on the Bob Holmes special made by Moe's Tackle.

Monday July 20th
Frank and grandson Logan enjoying the fishing today on Richland Chambers catching there limit of sand bass and a few good hybrids just to sweeten the pot!
Thanks Frank see y’all again.

Tuesday July 21st
Jack and his grandkids having a blast on lake Richland Chambers catching all these sand bass and enjoying every bit of it.
What a time!
Thanks guy's see y’all soon.

People go fishing because it’s not just about eating the fish. It’s about the fun and the adrenaline rush you get when a big one snatches your line. Also it’s very relaxing and mind refreshing. You will always remember the fish you've caught, the big one that put up a heck of a fight but got away and every story or tail you heard while you fished. It's about the memories...... Let's create some of these memories. Why not give you me a call at 214-728-3310 and let's do some fishing. You can visit my web site at for trip information and more pictures

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