I would like to announce officially that I will no longer be using Camelot Bell in my largemouth bass marketing campaign. I do maintain that the genetics of 100% of my Overton Fisheries stock are from Mike Frazier's ranch, that he personally provided me with these fish knowing that I would breed them and sell fingerlings, but that I am no longer associated with Camelot Bell Ranch in any way. I do not plan to change the genetics of my brood stock in the near future. If anything I will improve the program by starting a new lunker program with the same genetics, and they will have the markings and exhibit the performance to prove it. I do plan to change the name of the fish, so stay tuned..

I make this decision after careful consideration of who I am, what Overton Fisheries is, where we have been, and where we plan to go in the future. I respect Mike Frazier and what he has accomplished with his fishery. Any further public bickering about the use of the Camelot Bell name in association with these largemouth bass genetics only brings us all down a notch, and distracts us from the unique and true nature of the product itself.

I make this decision, because for me, "It's All About The Fish!"

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