Folks, a buddy of mine might, repeat might, need to sell his spot on the July 23rd 12 hour Bluefin tuna charter out of Freeport, so next Thursday. The selling might happen tomorrow, next week, or not at all. Just want to be prepared if he needs to sell.
This is an open charter put out by the folks of the Bluefin, but I've paid for his, my and 2 other spots.
Anyone interested in possibly buying this spot, text me at the number below your interest with a name, and I'll go down the list of anyone who does this, if the spot needs to be sold. I will call and text in order of responses if need rises to find a buyer.
It could happen as late as Wednesday afternoon, so expect a call as late as Wednesday evening.
Cost is $220 as per Bluefin's spot per person on their charters and we'll discuss payment in private.

Again, selling might not happen but want to be ready in case it needs to happen.

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